I don't know when I'll pass away, but I'd love to wait for winter for my life celebration, I loved a drink on a cool day, maybe watch the sunset, that would do me just fine. Jeremy, 57, WA


My Mother lived a great life, I wasn't able to attend her funeral in person due to COVID-19, but now we have time to plan her 'Life Celebration' and I'm glad I can do this with Last Hoorah, 'Fran, 59, QLD.


I want something low key. I like the great outdoors, not the 'traditional' indoor funeral, I want to organise my Life Celerbration, and I couldnt do this without Last Hoorah. Pete, 64, QLD. 


I have re-married and I know that my step kids and my kids dont see eye to eye on a number of issues, pre-planning my Life celebration takes burden off my kids as I have already made decisions. Tony, 48, NSW.


I seen my sisters fight over details of my mothers funeral, in the end the only winner was the Funeral Company as they took advantage of situation. Debbie, 62, VIC.

I had such a good life & I loved to have fun, I don't want a traditional Funeral like my mum had, I want my Last Hoorah to be fun! Have a drink on me! Also I dont want my girls to be left with the decisions or the bill. Margie, 61, QLD


Funerals are a waste of bloody money, I heard some people pay up to 40K! For that I'd love a venue with some beers on, mate, that cant cost 40K, but where do I go to sort that out, ya reckon? Bill, 65, QLD


I'm a millennial, I have just finished my Will & I know that I'm the main planner in my family, what I'm saying is, when I die I reckon who I leave behind will have no idea where to start! I want to add my preferences now, I haven't found a way to cheat death so makes sense to me! Stacy, 33 QLD.


I went to a mates funeral not too long ago, I knew him since school, this guy was a real character, larger than life! The funeral was morbid and I walked away thinking it didn't honour him at all, it was like I was at a funeral for someone else, very disappointing, could have celebrated who he was, right? I don't want that for my family, but that's just me! Garry, 55, NSW.


I love the beach I surfed most of my life, Id like to be sent off there, with who ever wants to come, yeah, that would do it, nothing fancy, no sad faces. Ryan, 37, QLD