Our Story

We realised that we wanted to pre-plan and organise our own Life Celebration, but then we realised there was no where for us to go. We could only book funerals, like the same ones that have been going around for the last 100 years and this has become a major challenge for me. My mother has said on numerous occasions, 'Don't give me one of those funerals like my parents had, you know I want you to celebrate my life, Ive had a good time.' So I realised that the burden of this sat with me, having no options, I have now created one, for me and for you.

We want the process to be as transparent as possible, eliminating conflicts and taking alot of the decisions away from those left behind, even taking part of or all of the financial burden away.

Our Team knows how to throw a celebration, we have certified venues, generated by interest from our members and we can tailor the event to your specifications.

We dont want to up-sell to your family when they're greiving, we don't use just our own suppliers, we charge a fixed fee & we are here for you, for fairness and to resolve some of the bigger Funeral industry issues.

If you want a life celebration not a Funeral, Welcome to Last Hoorah Events