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Bronze: Data Storage Flat Fee $29p.a

  • It costs us money to store your date securely so we have to cover our costs.

  • Store your preferences in a secure location and share the details with 2 people, like your executor or a family member or friend. 

  • Upon renewal you can choose to change your package details or upgrade to the Silver package and start the pre-payment journey.

Silver: Start to contribute to payment of your Life celebration

  • You choose the payment amount that you can afford starting at as little as a cup of coffee a week.

  • You can now nominate up-to-3 people to share your wishes with. 

  • once you get to a certain level you will reach Gold membership

  • Upload a Photo journal and even a short Video.

Gold membership: Next Level up and on your way!

  • Dig Deeper into the personalisation of your event and make human to human enquiries with our Events Team so we can make the back end notes, making sure we're all on the same page.

  • You can now nominate up to 5 people to view your wishes. 

  • At this point we can fine tune any aspects and keep your nominated people in the loop eliminating ambiguities and increasing transparency.

Platinum Membership: Done!

  • You're all paid up and ready to rock & roll, well done!

  • From here you pay the annual data storage fee, and that's it.

  • Anything additional or bespoke can be arranged from here.