Frequently asked questions 
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Q: I already have a pre-paid funeral plan, can I cancel this and switch to Last Hoorah?

A: No, After the Cooling off Period (Usually 30 days) you cannot cancel or reduce the services written in the plan you already have unfortunately.

Q:  Can I pay for my plan in full?

A: Yes, you sure can, at this point you will become a Gold Member and we will even give you a call to make sure we're on the same page.

Q: Can my Family be involved also?

A: Yes they sure can, but any additional outlays and costs will be upfront and they can choose how this is paid.

Q: Can I attend my own Life Celebration?
A: Sure, I mean why not? I mean if you want to plan this before you pass away, and you're willing and able! Or else you'll be invited in spirit, We can still organise the ashes after the fact.

Q: Where does my money go? Is it Secure? 

A: Your money is stored and managed by a professional Investment management company, the burden of loss rests with us, not you.

Q: Can I get my money Back?

A: Well, you can get most of it back sure, but business is business and we will charge a break fee for the hasstel

Q: Where are my preferences stored is it secure?

A: Yes, Bank Level security, stored in Australia

Q: Why are you so against traditional funerals?

A: Well we aren't, we know horses are for courses, but we recognised some horses didn't have any courses!


Q: How do you determine how much everything costs? I mean what if I fall short or pay too much

A: We deal with certified Venues, locations and suppliers, we have good relationships with them & know what they cost

Q: What happens if I never die, can I get my money back?

A: Good question, we don't have an answer for that... maybe you could come work for us?